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Mac, PC Laptop & Desktop Repair

They don't call us Mr. PC for nothing.  We are experts in everything PC and Mac.  If your PC or Mac is running slowly we can provide several solutions to address this.  Same day virus and malware removal usually done in a few hours.  OS re-installation, hard drive replacement and Solid State Drive upgrades.  Cracked LCD repair and water damage repair.  We even treat overheating issues on Macs and PCs.

Common Repairs:

PC Virus Malware Removal ($85)

Mac Virus Malware Removal ($120)

Windows or MacOS Reinstall, Drivers and Antivirus Software ($120)

Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade for PCs and Macs (Starting at $150 for 120gb and $180 for 250gb and $210 for 500gb)  ** NEW LOWER PRICES

* Get your older MacBook to boot in about 6 seconds and perform 10 times faster with our SSD upgrades.  Turn a cheaper PC into a rocket with SSD upgrades for Windows laptops.  (SSD drives come with a 3 year warranty).

Non Touchscreen LCD Repair ($140 to $160 for most screens)

Basic Motherboard Water Damage Repair ($150)

Processor Repaste for Overheating System ($120)

GPU Reflow for Motherboard with no Video ($150)

Basic Charger Port Repair for Laptops ($100)

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