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PS4 Overheating

The PlayStation 4 does not suffer from the same overheating issues of its predecessor but it still does have its own heat related issues. The fan inside the PS4 is smaller than the PS3 and it sucks in quite a large amount of dust and debris almost like a vacuum. Over time this dust can get combined with moisture and oil and become very thick. So thick that it will in time prevent the fan from spinning at a proper speed. We have already started to see PS4's that warn that they are overheating and must shut down. These systems are barely 2 1/2 years old. The only solution is preventive maintenance. Your PS4 must be taken apart periodically to have its fan and power supply blown out to prevent too much dirt from clogging these vital parts. If the fan is allowed to clog then it must be replaced with a new fan.  Also remember that your PS4 is just like any other computer which relies upon thermal paste to help conduct heat from the CPU to the exterior of the unit. It's a good idea to reapply fresh thermal paste when you're having the interior thoroughly cleaned. 

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