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PS5 Liquid Metal Issues

We are beginning to see this more and more often. PS5’s are coming in for normal repairs and they have to be disassembled. Once they are disassembled, we are seeing many with dry spots where the Liquid Metal isn’t making the proper contact. Now while this is still a testament to how good the stuff actually is, it will over time put too much strain on the cooling of the APU and eventually lead to an early death of the processor. As you can see in the pictures, most of the Liquid Metal is in the gaps at the edge of the processor. We fixed this by pushing it back onto the processor but this is a design flaw that would have caused major issues later on in its life. On a side note it is recommended that you use your PS5 laying on its side and NOT standing up. In situations where the PS5 falls or drops while it’s still warm, the Liquid Metal could escape its holding area and touch other parts of the board and instantly short circuit things. (803) 218-9163


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