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Pro Tip: Mesh Routers

A pro tip that anyone can benefit from. If you purchase a mesh router system like this TP-Link Deco AX3000, it comes we 3 separate units. These 3 units can run as one system in a very large house OR you can use them as separate individual routers in 3 different locations. That’s what we do across our 3 locations. The speed is unmatched and there is an app on the phone that allows you to easily control every aspect of what goes on within your network. We will often have 50 devices connected to our network all using varying resources. It’s easy to tell if one machine is trying to hog network speeds or in our case to boost the priority of our own devices. And you can do this all from wherever you may be traveling. We all have that one person at home who gets on the network and everything else slows to a crawl. TP-Link doesn’t pay us at all. Just trying to pass on what’s worked for us in our struggles for fast reliable network hardware over the years.


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