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PS5 in for Drive Repair

W recently got a PS5 in where a customer’s child had managed to stuff 4 discs into the drive. We‘re always amazed at the skill required to do this lol. Luckily no parts were broken inside the drive as parts would be near impossible to find at the moment in time. This gave us an opportunity to do a deep dive into the PS5 and I gotta say.... it’s an impressive piece of engineering. From the way it’s simpler to take apart than the PS4 and PS3 to the massive cooling fan. The cooling fan is simply the largest cooling fan I have ever seen in well... anything. This is smart because it allows the fan to run slower yet cool better. So you end up with a near silent fan but you can still feel the massive heat it moves out the rear. This should help when the system is several years old and newer games start to really push the gpu. Anyway we’ve attached some pics and video for your viewing pleasure.


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