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PS5 Storage Upgrade

So you’ve had your shiny new PS5 for almost a year and you begin to realize that even with it’s fancy built in compression, games are still extremely large. From the factory you have about 700gb of free space for games and apps. Install Call of Duty with WarZone and maybe NBA2K and you’ve already eaten up 4 to 500gb of space. Luckily we can now upgrade your PS5 with an additional 1tb of space. This upgrade requires an extremely fast M.2 hard drive, faster than the current fast drives seen in PCs. This speed is what allows PS5 games to load in a matter of seconds and have little to no load screens. We also install a heat sink on top of the drive as a drive running at this speed will produce a lot of heat which would eventually cause the drive to fail. The latest PS5 update allows you to easily move games and apps between your internal storage and your secondary drive. After the upgrade your PS5 has about 1.7 terabytes of storage available. We can do the install in a few hours and the drive comes with a 1 year warranty.


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