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So 12 fans you say?...

So we had a customer who wanted us to build a machine that they had purchased the parts for themselves. They were fortunate enough to have been able to purchase an RTX 3060 and from what they told us they even had a 3090 soon to be delivered. Not gonna lie.... little jealous lol. Anyway... They also had a Core i9 processor and 32 gb of memory as well. Now the funny part of this build was they were adamant about wanting all 12 of their fans installed. Now 12 fans is what we would consider overkill but what our customer wants.... our customer gets. That’s 6 fans in the front section of the case and 6 fans surrounding a massive radiator both cooling the cpu and pulling heat out of the case. Of course this required a copious amount of extenders to share the RGB cabling and power cabling and routing all of that extra wiring without being a savage mess. Needless to say it’s bright.... reeeeal bright. Also it won’t be overheating anytime soon and it’s surprisingly quiet. As in it doesn’t sound like a harrier jet. Below is the finished product.


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