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The beauty of custom builds.

We often get requests for custom builds from parents who want something for their kids who are coming from a PS4 or XBox. This will be their kid’s first venture into PC gaming and they’re most likely playing Fortnight or Call of Duty and just want a little more ooomph and the customization that PCs can bring to the table. One thing we tend to stress is to not go overboard. Yes many adults in the world of PC gaming are all about buying the latest graphics card and cpu that they have absolutely no idea how to benefit from. Running around screaming I can play at 250 frames a second and hyperventilating. Woah buddy. Easy. The reality is it doesn’t require the top level gpu or cpu to enjoy a custom build. One of the great benefits of a custom build is that you can always swap out parts as your needs and tastes evolve. This also allows you to pay attention to the physical aesthetics of your custom build as well. I personally have always liked a white case with lighting that I can change depending on the feel I’m trying to get. As opposed to the flickering and flashing seizure inducing strobes you normally see. Thanks to companies like AMD you can get budget cost processors that are extremely fast and easily upgradable should you need more power down the road. Same goes with GPUs. Now with all this being said, you might want to wait out this current silicon shortage amid Covid-19. Prices have sky rocketed recently but soon enough things will go back to normal. Till then enjoy some pics of our custom builds.


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